Mandate of the Institute

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  • Quality analysis of samples viz. Cashew, Drinking water, Water for food preparation, processed food, ayurvedic drugs, fish, vegetables etc.
  • Analytical services to food industries and research institutes for testing the food and other┬ásamples and providing reports on the proximate and ultimate compositions.
  • Training for upgrading the skills of academicians, research students and food processing entrepreneurs and manpower for promoting growth of new food industry and entrepreneurship in the country.
  • Techniques for value addition for cashew kernels and packaging consumer packages.
  • Segregation of commercially important components from CNSL, Cashew Testa and Cashew Gum.
  • Develop technology for modernization production process of cashew nut.
  • Collection and preservation of Cashew apples and development of value added products from the same.
  • Studies on nutritional aspects of cashew kernels with an idea to bring out the beneficial aspects of nut nutrition and to enhance its market acceptability.
  • Development of hygiene and sanitation standards to work out control parameters in processing with the objective of implementing systems that would ensure safe and quality of cashew kernels for human consumption.
  • Comprehensive survey on the quality of cashew kernels with special reference to microbial contaminants such as Pesticide Residues, mycotoxins toxins, heavy metals, micro organisms etc. so as to alleviate the apprehensions on the health quality of cashew kernels.