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The Chemistry division of the laboratory is equipped with best of analytical equipments available internationally to carryout both physical and chemical analysis of all food and water samples as per national and international food regulations.

Types of tests carried out

Tests for detecting ppb levels of micro contaminants like pesticide residues, mycotoxins ,biotoxins, fumigants, polychlorobiphenyls, pentachlorophenols ,heavy metals, antibiotic residues and aflatoxins.

Tests prescribed by Agmark, Bureau of Indian Standards, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), United States Food and Drug Administration( USFDA) and Europian Union Standards.

Staff members


Ms.Alfia Analyst Trainee B.Sc Chemistry

Dr.Asish GR Asst.Principal Scientist & HOD (Chemistry) M.Sc.(Biochemistry), Ph.D (Biochemistry)
Ms. Haseena M Senior Scientist M. Sc. Chemistry, B. Ed., M.Phil.
Ms. Ajini AS Scientist M.Sc. Chemistry
Ms. Resmi K Junior Chemist M.Sc. Chemistry
Ms. Sandhya C Nair Junior Chemist M.Sc. Chemistry
Ms. Gayathri V Analyst Trainee M.Sc. Chemistry
Ms. Alfie Analyst Trainee B.Sc Chemistry

Facilities Available

1. Liquid Chromatograph Mass spectrometer(LCMSMS)- Waters India pvt Ltd (ACQUITY TQD UPLC)
2. Gas Chromatograph Mass spectrometer (GCMSMS)- Varian India pvt Ltd (Saturn 2200)
3. Gas Chromatograph (GC)- Agilent technologies pvt Ltd (GC-7890A)
4. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)- Perkin elmer India pvt Ltd(pinaacle 900H)
5. High performance Liquid Chromatograph(HPLC)- Waters India pvt Ltd (Alliance e-2695)
6. UV-Visible spectrophotometer(UV-VIS)- Perkin Elmer (Lamda-45)
7. Head space gas analyser – PBI Dansensor (Check point 11)
8. Water activity meter– Rotronic Hygropalm
9. Rotary flash evaporator-IKA Germany(RV10)
10. Flame photometer– Systronics 128
11.Humidity chamber-REMI CHM 19 PLUS
12. Brookefield viscometer-DV1+
13. Moisture analyser-Sartorius( MA150)
14. BOD incubator– Sciegenics Biotech(Orbitech)


Quote for ION Chromatography Download
ION Chromatograph specification Download

For more details contact:

Dr. Asish GR

Head,Department of Chemistry

0474-2742704 Ext.301