Water Testing

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With the changing scenario, awareness about the quality of water which can have crucial effects and long lasting influence on our health, controls of checking of water plays very important role. CEPC Lab undertakes the sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of water for the following specifications :

  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Packaged Natural Mineral Water
  • Drinking Water / Raw Water
  • Water for Food Industry

CEPC Laboratory has experience in testing water samples for various purposes and specifications :

  • Packaged Drinking Water –   IS : 14543 – 2004
  • Surface / ground water    –    IS : 10500 – 1991
  • Water for Food Industry –    IS : 4251 – 1967

After grant of recognition from BIS, CEPC Lab serves you with its reliable, accurate and timely test results for

  • Monthly tests
  • Half yearly tests
  • Yearly tests

Water Sampling Procedures

To enable mixing of the sample in the laboratory before processing, leave ample air space (at least 2.5cm) above liquid level. Collect samples that are representative of the water being tested. Keep container closed until ready to sample. Do not contaminate inner surface of lid. Flush sample ports. Then fill container without rinsing using aseptic technique to avoid sample contamination. Close container immediately.