Scheduled Training Programmes in 2017

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I) DNA barcoding Techniques & Phylogenetic analysis (1 week -5 days)

DNA isolation, quantification and quality check of the isolated DNA ,DNA dilution, PCR amplification of DNA using universal primers, agarose gel electrophoresis of PCR products, sequencing of DNA (an outline)

Bioinformatics Analysis of DNA sequence data

Hand on: Trace file analysis, BLAST, Sequence alignment & editing, Phylogenetic tree construction, Submission to NCBI.

Instruments Experience:

Centrifuge, Spectrophotometry, electrophoresis,PCR, gel documentation System, DNA analytical softwares.

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Tentative month: May – June

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Students: 4000/-

Research scholars: 5000/-

Faculty: 7000/-

II) Enzyme analytical tools

Duration: 5 days


Students: 4000/-

Research scholars: 5000/-

Faculty: 6000/-


Enzyme isolation

Estimation of proteins

Purification of enzymes

Characterization of enzymes (SDS-PAGE)

Enzyme kinetics an overview

Instruments Experience:

Centrifuge, Spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, gel documentation system.

Tentative month: July-August

III) Computer aided drug designing



Target identification

Virtual Screening

In silico generation of ligands.

Protein optimization and energy minimization

Molecular docking by MGL Tools

Creation of grid parameter files by Autodock software

Running the grid & dock algorithm by CYGWIN

Selection of potent inhibitors on the basis of binding energies and Lipinski’s rule of 5 H Bond and Protein-ligand complex analysis UCSF Chimera

Prediction of molecular properties

Prediction of bioactivity

Duration: 3 days (August -September)


Students: 3000

Ph .D: 3500

Faculty: 4000

Prabha Nair
Contact number : 9447114052