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No Patent titles Registration Number Responsible consortium
1 Pollution controlling drum roasting cashew processing units #IPR/ FA/ 10064 CEPCI, Kollam
2 Low cost method for the extraction of anacardic acid from cashew nut shell #IPR/ FA/ 10076 CEPCI, Kollam
3 Development of bioremediation technology for CNSL polluted surface of the cashew processing unit. Awaited CEPCI, Kollam
4 Recycling of waste water from cashew processing industry through immobilized bioremediation techniques. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
5 Development of polymerized products from the CNSL waste RESIDOL. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
6 Production technology of cellulase enzyme from cashew nut shell. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
7 Production technology of pectinase enzyme from cashew nut shell. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
8 Production technology of tannase enzyme from cashew testa. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
9 Non thermal processing technology for raw cashew nut cut open. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
10 Production of nano cellulose from cashew nut shell. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam
11 Hand operated peeling machine. ” “ CEPCI, Kollam

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