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Novel approaches to be followed
  1. Introduction of viable storage techniques and impart training in GMP in storage of raw cashewnuts.
  2. Formation of a linkage between farmer and processor
  3. Developing standards for raw cashew nuts and improving mode of conditioning raw nuts for better whole kernel recovery.
  4. Develop value added products, polymerized cashew shell liquid for industrial application.
  5. Application of bioremediation for controlling the environmental pollution by cashew shell liquid from the cashew processing units and generating bio gas for energy purposes.
  6. Developing Biosensors for detection of microbial contaminants and Developing Sterilization technology for cashew kernels.
  7. Facilitating market development through promotional activities, studying consumer preference and forecasting demand of cashew kernel based value added products.

The approach to fill research gaps emphasizing the novelties (innovation) in approach and possibilities based on the identified gaps, the proposal focuses on the following objectives

Primary processing:

To develop a close association between farmer and processor.
To develop standards for raw cashewnuts and good storage management method.

By-product utilisation :
  1. To develop efficient technology for handling cashew nut shell liquid
  2. To develop technology to detect contamination and sterilization on line and to reduce environmental pollution and waste recycling
Value addition :
  1. To develop technology for efficient utilization of the by-products viz. the cashew liquid and the shell of the cashew nut from the industry.
Specific to value chain :
  1. Field level evaluation of the gadgets viz. biosensor, sterilizer, and CNSL based industrially important chemicals.
  2. Evaluation of value added by products for the benefit of consumers and industry.
  3. Quality certification to facilitate popularization and promotion of products in the market.
Market :
  1. To strengthen the domestic and export market by entrepreneurship development

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